Smart Buoy
We all love the seaside, right? Whether that’s the English seaside with ice creams and muddy piers or the Caribbean, with white sand beaches fringed by palm trees, people flock to the coast for a bit of rest and relaxation, to enjoy water sports or to make their livelihood. The coast is a dynamic area at the mercy of waves. Rising sea levels nibble at beaches and powerful extreme events like hurricanes completely decimate them. To understand how to save them, we need to understand the forces driving their change. Having done a bit of investigation, we realised that trying to do this sort of research is HELLA EXPENISVE. This seems sort of silly…surely if you can create cheap, effective instruments for research then you can generate more data, this ultimately improves understanding. It’s with this (sort of) noble intention that we set out to make our smart buoy. In this summary video, we give you a rapid run down of our project: our thinking behind design, the make and the data presentation. More videos are coming soon to show you the technical make step by step. Oh buoy, you’re going to love this..!